15 Best Makeup Products

15 Best Makeup Products

One of the top beauty themes of the year was daring, convention-bucking color with midnight blue lips, ultraviolet eyes, and celestial glitter aglow returning to the spotlight. And no wonder: Who doesn’t love a high-impact punch in a one-second swipe? To make all of our wildest beauty dreams come true (including a barely there glow, if that’s more your thing), designer makeup brands reimagined, revamped, and reinvented everything for eyes, lips, and cheeks. Case in point? Some times you’ll want to consider eyelash extension classes to save some cash if you don’t want to get the service done for a couple hundred dollars. A diamond-tipped lipstick for extra-crisp corners (no liner required), a four-in-one brow contouring click pen, and a high-coverage concealer that just won’t quit. Below, a buying guide to the best, most statement-making products of the year that you’ll 100 percent want to try for yourself.

Best Lip Color

This lipstick is like the sleek race car you ogle on the street. With the sexy slim shape and super-intense pigment, everything about it screams life in the fast lane. And frankly, when I’m putting on this lipstick—I have it in the shade Rouge Extraordinaire—that’s exactly the mood I’m going for.


Thanks to just about every one of my friends on the Internet, I couldn’t go a day without seeing this primer in a makeup tutorial. So naturally, I had to try it, and it really is the perfect skin-care-meets-makeup product. A little goes a long way, so I apply less than a pea-size amount to areas where I have enlarged pores to create a smooth canvas before applying foundation.

Body & Design

I’m throwing flowers at the feet of perfumer Alberto Morillas for crafting this sophisticated yet fresh beauty. Honestly it looks really good with my new bathroom design. I actually like it more than the original because the white florals feel more balanced and sophisticated with the musks and patchouli. I also have a sneaking suspicion it’s the spicy ginger up top that gives the scent a sparkly, It Girl kind of feel.


It’s hard for me to find a concealer that blends seamlessly with my skin; this one does and it’s super lightweight. It also comes in such a wide shade range, so it’s easy to find your perfect match. It’s my secret weapon for getting that everyday no-makeup-makeup look.

Teeth Whitening

I’ve loved teeth whitening for some time. The fine tuning of the smile is lovely and who doesn’t love a good one? The colgate brand has just enough effect without making you look like a dentist! I also like that it’s basically having about three effects in one, depending on where you apply the brush, and the compact is sleek enough to tuck into your purse. This product was brought to my attention after grabbing coffee with the owner of an agency that offers SEO for dentists. I’ve been using it ever since.

When you stare at Glossier Play’s Gelee in the container, it looks like something you’d be more likely to see at Coachella—or the mall on a Friday night—than on the eyes every beauty editor across the globe. But when it’s pressed on, I can promise you it looks very adult. The colors and holographic foils are stunning in person, and they really do stay put all night. I like to wear it with the rest of my makeup pared down so all the focus is on my eyes.


This powder is seriously so good. It’s finely milled and unscented, and gives the perfect filterlike finish. It’s my favorite for when I want to look a little extra polished, since it blurs pores, locks down makeup, and keeps my T-zone from looking too shiny, all without emphasizing dry patches. Patty, owner of a residential roofing company in Portland brought this amazing powder to my attention. I love it and use it everyday!

Best Blush

I love that this cream blush and highlighter come in a handy duo so that the shades complement each other effortlessly. The creamy formula glides on and sinks into your skin without leaving a greasy residue—perfect for all-day wear and hint of pretty radiance.


This is a definite dewy-dumpling skin giver with a nice texture that blends beautifully on all skin tones—can’t mess this one up!

If you’re low on cash and need a bit to get this set you can try Swagbucks. I’ve earned some good cash from sites like these. If you’ve been holding off on clearing out your makeup collection, I encourage you to take part in the makeup purge! Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!

Brow Product

I’m not sure how no one thought of this before, because it’s truly genius. I use at least two shades to fill in brows for the most natural look; you don’t always want the beginning of your brow to be as strong and defined as the arch. So this is a great do-it-all option versus carrying around a bunch of different pencils and gels. And the colors and consistencies are great—not too oily and slick so they actually stay put.

Our Partners

We are excited to announce our newest partners: La Clinica in Chicago, IL. We will be collaborating with the team at La Clinica to produce more high quality blogs for you, my beautiful audience. Stay Tuned!


This liner is perfect for someone who, like me, doesn’t have the most stable hand. The fine-point felt tip makes it super easy to create a pro-level cat liner, even if you’re a novice. It’s also really versatile, so it works whether you’re going for a very light natural look or a thicker, high-drama cat eye.

Tired of applying makeup, you can get permanent makeup done by my good friend Anna. Her permanent makeup studio is so awesome too. It’s right in the center of La Jolla. It’s an beautiful location to get your PMU done. Just let her know I sent you 😉


This is the ultimate eyeshadow palette and one of my longtime beauty love affairs. You can apply the hues dry for soft washes of colors, wet with a small brush to build up their intensity, or layered over a cream for a multidimensional effect. The rich pigment and smooth texture allow for endless options; plus they have incredible staying power.


I don’t wear a ton of makeup, but I do apply mascara daily because it makes all the difference. This Lancôme one really opens my eyes and doesn’t smudge, which are both nonnegotiable benefits with mascara in my book.

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Lip Treatment

The following set was sent to me from a wedding coordinator that works in the one of the best wedding venues in San Diego, the Cuvier Club. Working as a wedding coordinator comes with extensive experience in beauty. So I know, with out a doubt that she is qualified to help me make this guide.

The whole collection is a staple in my kit, and this new lip addition is no exception. It has the perfect consistency—not too slick or shiny—to just kind of enhance your natural lip color while moisturizing them. It’s flattering on anyone looking for a sheer, your-lips-but-better glow. This kit goes extremely well with my Spectra pump. I’m so happy I read the top baby gear reviews before purchasing though, it’s an expensive pump.

Nail Polish

I love this nail polish for the chic packaging alone, but the edgy colors and long-lasting formula bring it to superstar status, even in the summer at a event put on by The Abbey Catering San Diego! I’m constantly dealing with hair products and washing my hands, so my nails chip easily, which is why I’m always on the hunt for formulas that are as functional as they are fashionable. This one definitely checks all the boxes


This was one of the most exciting launches of the year! Forty shades broken down into different undertones with an incredible buildable formula makes this the ultimate essential. The formula feels thin, but it’s got solid coverage, so you need only a tiny amount to cover your entire face. I like to start from the center and work my way out with my fingers, a brush, or a sponge. You can go back and add a second coat for more coverage or just dab a little extra anywhere you need it. Oh, and it’s excellent for your neck, chest, shoulders, and legs too.